The amazing Bag-E-Wash™ is one of those handy gadgets that you wish you'd invented yourself.

Bag-E-Wash™ is a first-of-its-kind dishwasher accessory that allows you to easily clean and reuse your plastic food storage bags. It is designed to hold bags open and secure for efficient and sanitary cleaning and drying. It is adjustable for use with various sized bags.

Made of durable 100% nylon, Bag-E-Wash™ could last a lifetime and save you hundreds of dollars.

It is estimated that over 3 million tons of polyethylene bags end up in the landfill in North America each year. Bag-E-Wash™ allows you to safely reuse these bags rather than discard them. Testing has shown that a typical food storage bag can be washed at least 50 times.

Assembly Instructions:

1. Slide the four blue bands onto the green base band with the clips all on the same side.
2. Form the green base band into a loop (with the blue clips on the outside) and secure in the two retainers.
3. Connect the blue bands by overlapping the ends of adjacent bands and snap square end connectors onto the other band.
4. Voila! It's that easy.

Use Intructions:
1. Place assembled Bag-E-Wash™ on lower rack of dishwasher.
2. Connect bottom hooks onto dishwasher rack
3. With blue bands at full height place one large size bag over both loops and secure by sliding ziplock seams into the four stay-put clips or adjust blue bands to proper height and place two small size bags, one over each loop, and secure with stay-put clips.

Helpful Hints:
In our research and design process we have tried every kind of food storage bag on Bag-E-Wash™. After literally hundreds of washings we would like to suggest the following:
• For best results when washing large size bags place the bag over the blue bands so that the top of the bands go into the corners of the bag. This prevents the corners of the bag from folding over during the wash cycle and filling with water. Making an indent in the middle of the bag between the two bands so that the corners stick up like a dogs’ ears also helps (see photo). Surprisingly, the bags will pretty much hold this shape through the wash cycle.
• When connecting the bottom hooks onto the dishwasher rack, keep the hooks of the bands that are connected to each other within an inch or two of each other. This causes the band-loops to arch outward keeping the corners of the large bags supported.
• When attaching small size bags onto the stay-put clips make sure the mouth of the bag is wide open.
• Although we are big fans of generic products and use generic brand bags often, we have found that the name brand freezer bags last the longest. The "zipper" and side seams last longer than generic brands. Between the small (quart) and large (gallon) size freezer bags all of your baggie needs can likely be covered.

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