AeroGarden Accessories and Replacement Parts

Eco-Source offers a large selection of accessories and replacement parts for AeroGarden indoor gardens (all now featured at INVENTORY CLEARANCE PRICES).

AeroGarden<br>Herb Appeal Collection<br>(DVD, Guide and 3 Cutting Mats)<br>Regular Price = $19.99 AeroGarden
Herb Appeal Collection
(DVD, Guide and 3 Cutting Mats)
Regular Price = $19.99


Mezzaluna Herb Chopper<br>with Wooden Chopping Block<BR>Regular Price = $24.99 Mezzaluna Herb Chopper
with Wooden Chopping Block
Regular Price = $24.99

Trellis System<br>for AeroGardens<br>Regular Price = $19.99 Trellis System
for AeroGardens
Regular Price = $19.99


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