Power Plant Pro<br>Indoor Garden<br>by Prepara<br>Regular Price = $99.88Power Plant Pro
Indoor Garden
by Prepara
Regular Price = $99.88


The new Power Plant Pro is an innovative indoor gardening system that uses aeroponic technology to grow plants without soil. Grow fresh herbs or flowers in a window or on your counter under a light (sold separately). Includes the following: Growing system, 120 volt adapter, 6 stem supports, 6 power grow baskets, 6 grow sponges, 6 humidadomes and instructions. The Power Plant Pro features a rotating grow surface to ensure maximum light exposure for all plants.

Experiment with any seed from a catalog, hardware store or garden centre. You'll find an abundance of affordable seeds available to try. The Power Plant Pro does not require special seed pods like the AeroGarden ... but will also work with AeroGarden 7-pod seed pods.

Prepara Grow Light is also available (click here).
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