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LED Kitchen Garden



Don't let your green thumb grow rusty over the winter! This is the most exciting new product on the market for home gardeners and the world's most technologically advanced grow light. Whether you are gardening in your kitchen, or starting new plants for outdoors, this innovative, energy-saving appliance will provide the most natural and healthy environment for your plants.

This attractive stainless steel counter-top unit with tray holds up to 72 plants/starts. Fully pre-programmed so that the LED lights turn on and off gradually, mimicking natural sunrise and sunset, thus reducing shock to your plants/starts.

Experience the joy of worry-free, all season gardening with the LED Kitchen Garden. The LED Kitchen Garden’s superior LED grow light extends the growing season in both warm and cold climates to help you grow all natural herbs, small fruits or vegetables (as many as 72 plants at one time) indoors or out – all year long, no green thumb required.

With its NASA-inspired technologies, the LED Kitchen Garden revolutionizes the way we grow indoors, allowing for optimal plant growth, while leaving only a minimal trace on the environment. And because the LED Kitchen Garden grow light uses only a fraction of the energy of other broad-spectrum grow lights, the unit produces very little heat and uses only 15 watts -- so minimal impact on your energy bills.

Save money by growing your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, plants and flowers. You add soil, seeds and water…the LED Kitchen Garden's proprietary programmable Grow Logic™ light does the rest! We recommend organic potting soil, CherryGal Heirloom Seeds, and clean, filtered water. Then watch your garden grow! Comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

LED Kitchen Garden specifications:

  • Number of Plants: 1 to 72 depending on tray type (base fits a standard 10” x 20” nursery tray)
  • Transplantable Plants: Plants can be transplanted
  • Light Source: 144 8mm LEDs w/optimized light wavelengths for rapid plant growth
  • Number of LEDs: 144 8mm LEDs
  • LED Colors: 6 colors – purple, blue, green, orange/red, red, white
  • Light Source Life: Approximately 75,000 hours or 12 years at 20 hours/day; 7 days/week
  • Cost to Operate: Approximately $12.00 annually
  • Power Supply Voltage: 110V or 240V a/c 50~60 Hertz
  • Voltage at Hood: 12V D/C
  • Power Consumption: 15 watts
  • Setting Options: Time of Day, Grow time, 5 Plant types, 3 Grow phases, Grow Time, Sunset and Sunrise settings
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