Mabu Cloth - Natural Cleaning Cloth

mabu clothmabu cloth

The Mabu Cloth looks and feels like natural silk, but is made from 100% natural wood pulp fibre (also called rayon viscose), which is a renewable natural resource.

It has a special 8 layer design which creates a soft, thick, touchable cloth ... that is also bacteria and stain resistant. Cleverly engineered weaving of 8 layers holds bacteria, stains, debris, and dirt in suspension - simply rinsing under a tap leaves the Mabu fresh, clean and sparkling white.

The unique woven fabric won't trap food particles and other debris that stay moist and can incubate germs and foul odors. This never happens with the long lasting Mabu design.

Mabu cleans and dries in one stroke - You can use soap and cleaners, but most of the time the Mabu cloth performs best with plain water.

Please note that the Mabu Cloth is stiffened for packaging with harmless edible starch which will wash out with first rinse in water.

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